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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to frequently asked questions below.
For any other questions you have and information you need, please do not hesitate to call (TEL: 049-226-3711).

Hotels in general

What time is the entrance closed?

At 2am for security reasons. But our front desk staff is available 24hours to assist our grests to come in and go out. Therefore you can go out and come in 24hours.
When you come back (or check-in) after 2am, please press the doorbell at the entrance, our staff will let you in.

Is there a Japanese style room?

No, our rooms are all western style.

Is TV free?

Normal programs (terrestrial digital broadcasting) are free.
For pay channel please buy TV cards from the machine located at the lobby, 4th floor and 8th floor.
* do not watch pay program if you are under aged
* If you are a parent of a student who stay at our hotel, we can control to ban the pay TV so don’t worry, please just let us know.

Can we rent a video deck, a DVD player or a Game machine?

We are sorry that these are not available.

Is there a laundromat?

We have 3 washing machines and 3 driers on the 8th floor.

Washing machines can be used at 300 yen. Detergent will be automatically poured.
Driers can be used at 100yen for 30 minutes.

There is no time limit for using the machines but since the place is close to a guests room, please avoid to use them late at night.

Is there a fax or a copy machine?

Yes, our staff will do the services at the charges below;
fax:to receive – 10yen/page to send –
[domestic] 100yen up to 10pages, + 10yen/page for over 10 pages
[overseas] varies depend on countries please ask our hotel staff
copy:black & white – 30yen/page colour – 80yen/page

What kind of amenities in a guest room?

toothbrush, soap, liquid soap for sterilization, face towel, bath towel, bath matt, rinse-in-shampoo, liquid soap,
glasses, cups for tea, teabags

you can pick up razors freely from the elavator hall on the first floor

trousers presser is located at the elavator hall of each floor.
if it’s out in use, please call front desk at #9 we’ll bring to your room if we have a extra.
(we rend irons for a limited time to avoid fire)
Please ask our front desk if you have any other questions regarding amenities.

Is there a rental PC?

We are sorry we do not have rental PC.
We rend Lan cables free at the front desk

Is there a meeting room?

A meeting room for about 20 people is available only for hotel guests. Fee: 10,000yen(inc. tax) for 3hours.

What kind of information is required to reserve a room?

The below information is asked when you make reservation by phone;

  • arrival date, nights of stay, arrival time
  • room type
  • smoking or non-smoking room
  • name of the person who is reserving a room
  • name of the guest who stays
  • telephone number
  • if you would like to park a car.
    (if you are not sure you do not need to reserve a space in advance.
  • But for big cars like busses or trucks advance reservation is a must)
  • how you would like to pay when a room is reserved by non-guest

* when you make reservation through an internet site,
you may need to input different information depends on the sites.

Before check-in

To send packages before the stay:

If you would like to send packages in advance to your check-in, please send them to the below address;
Remember to put your arrival date, name (company’s name) and telephone number
We will open a package without these information and we will not take no responsibility.

C/O Kawagoe Dai-Ichi Hotel
7-34 Sugawara-cho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken 350-0046

We can not accept any packages for non-guests.

Can you keep baggages before check-in?

Yes we keep them and put them in your room. We cannot keep big tools or machines, cash or expensive jewels.

Do I need a reservation to park a car?

To park a passenger car you would not need a reservation but if you have a plan please let us know. * parking fee; 500yen/night

To park a big car like busses or trucks, advance reservation is necessary otherwise it might not be available.

Can I park my car before check-in?

Please let our staff know your car type and the number at the frontdesk.

Would like to check-in at 10 am for a night shift.

You need to reserve two nights as we have to keep a room prior to your stay.

You would like to sleep during a day time for a night shift.

if you are staying for several days, we may require 20-30minutes for cleaning otherwise you are free to do so.

If you would like to sleep before 3pm prior to check-in, you need to reserve for a extra day

Do you do early check-in?

We are not accepting early check -in (before 3pm)

At check-in

When do we have to pay?

Please pay in advance when you check-in
We do not accept payment at check-out

Do you accept a credit card?

Yes we accept VISA, MASTER, JCB, Amex, Dyners, GINREN, Union pay etc.
We do not accept debit card.

Can you charge to my company?

当If your company has a corporate agreement with our hotel, we can charge to your company.
* to make a corporate agreement we require preliminary agreement and the review of the company.
We cannot accept to charge to your company at check-in. If you wish to do so, please let us know when you make reservation.

What time is the latest check-in time?


If you need to check-in after midnight due to work or something, please let us know when you make reservation or on the date of check-in.

I am staying in a single room. Can I bring my friend with me?

No, we prohibit an entrance of our non hotel guest.

Non hotel guests are prohibited to enter to our guests’ room even if he or she is our guests’ parent or relatives.
This is our rule for safety reasons. If you cannot keep the rule we may not be able to let you stay.

I reserve a room with a breakfast through the web site. Can I cancel the breakfast?

You can cancel it at your check-in.

You can not cancel the breakfast on the day

Is it possible to check-in at any time before 12 midnight?

we will cancel your reservation after 2 hours of your arrival time so please let us know when you will be late

you can check-in after 3pm so when you arrive earlier than expected it it not necessary to let us know

At hotel stay

Can I invite my friend to my room to talk?

No, we do not accept any non-hotel guests to enter to our guests’ room.

Non hotel guests are prohibited to enter to our guests’ room even if he or she is our guests’ parent or relatives.
This is our rule for the safety reason. If you cannot keep the rule we may not be able to let you stay

I checked in as a single usage. Can I change it to a couple?

Basically we can not accept it. But if a twin room or a double room is available, pay for the room additionally.
* We cannot refund a single room’s charge you originally checked in.

I have a special request in regards to the receipt.

Please ask at the frontdesk.

We cannot acept to give you a blank receipt.

  • We cannot write a price higher than what you paid for.
  • We can only give you either a receipt printed out from the computer or one written by hand.
  • We cannot write a price higher than what you paid for.
  • We can only give you either a receipt printed out from the computer or one written by hand.
    (if you require a receipt written by hand and the detail printed out from our computer, we stamp so on the detailed receipt)

Planning to stay more than a night. I do not need my room's cleaning.

We cannot avoid daily cleaning of the room for sanitary reason.

Can I order massage service?

We do not have massage service in our hotel.

* we cannot accept to let outside massage servicers in to our guests’ room.

After check out

Can you let us know by phone if I leave something behind?

To protect our hotel guests’ privacy we will not make contact to our guests.
If you contact us we will respond accordingly.

I leave something behind, what shall I do?

Inquire at the frontdesk letting us know the date of stay and the name.
If we keep it we will send it back by Yamato cash on delivery.
If you would like to come and get it, ask the frontdesk to keep it.
(we might ask to show your ID when you come to get it)
If you would like to ask someone else to get it, tell the frontdesk staff about it.

  • storage period till disposal;
    foods & drinks – a day after the departure date
  • Clothes and daily neccesities – 1month
  • Others – individualy judge and decide
    Valuables etc. will be stored for up to 6 months and then processed.

To protect our guests’ privacy we will not make contact from us.

I lost my receipt. Can you re-issue it?

Once we can confirm your stay, we will re-issue a receipt and send it to your designated address.
And it will be a written by hand receipt with the “re-issued” stamp on it.
If you have a special request in regards to receipts, ask at the frontdesk.

If I have ever stayed at your hotel, do I receive a direct mail?

Our hotel will never send any direct mails

However, if you are registered as a member of our hotel website or various accommodation reservation sites, you may receive an e-mail notification etc. depending on the registration settings, so the setting of each site such as cancellation of reception registration may be necessary on the customer side.

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