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General Information

Room Rates

  • Please make payments when you check-in. The bill shall be given when you check-out. Please inform company name if necessary.
  • Room rates shown through telephone reservation of rooms.
  • Visit our website for discount (Single room only)
Room Type One person Two person #of rooms Notes
Single 7,500yen~ 10,500yen~ 142rooms Visit our website for discount
Double 8,500yen 12,000yen 10rooms
Twin room (for two people with separated beds) 9,500yen 14,000yen 2rooms Smoking rooms
Triple 19,500yen(for three) Triple ( extra bed will be added in Twin room) for three people

※All rates tax included.
※The room charges may be different when booking by other website.

Breakfast 1000yen *meal Japanese breakfast. From 6:30 to 9:00 at restaurant in lobby
>> Breakfast
Parking fee passenger car 500yen per night
For trucks and busses, please ask for parking fee when booking.
>> Parking Lot
All rates tax included
Payments by cash (Japanese yen only) or credit cards
VISA・MASTER・JCB・Amex・Diners・UnionPay *No debit cards

Check-in / Chek-out

Check-in 15:00 Baggages can be kept at front desk before Check-in
Chek-out 10:00
Extra Charges for over time 30% of room charge when check-out before 13:00
50% of room charge when check-out before 15:00
100% of room charge when check-out after 15:00
  • Over time after 15:00 may not be accepted.
  • Please inform us if your time of arrival may change.

Hotel Overview

Location 7-34 Sugawara-machi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture Postal code: 350-0046
TEL / FAX TEL:049-226-3711 FAX:049-226-3716
  • 154 rooms (Floors from 2nd to 11th) 80 non-smoking rooms and 74 smoking rooms
  • 142 single rooms, 10 double rooms and 2 twin rooms (Smoking room only)
  • All rooms have TV, refrigerator, bathroom, LAN and Wi-fi
restaurant Restaurant Madoi Approximately 50 people can be seated in the hall.
Please contact Madoi directly for lunch and dinner reservation

  • Breakfast hours   6:30~9:00
  • 11:00~22:00(We are now shorten our business hours.)
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