【Good wine and Cuisine】wine-tasting party by PIEROTH Japan

*This article is originally posted in Japanese site on December 3rd, 2019.

This time’s 【Saitama Walk】is wine-tasting party sponsored by PIEROTH Japan held near Kita Urawa Station.
PIEROTH Japan, Top-tier wine sales company, has held this kind of wine-tasting party at our hotel lobby before. (in May 17th, 2019)
>>This article is long. Click here for 【Cuisine Part】

>>This article is long. Click here for 【Cuisine Part


The win-tasting party is held at high-class Japanese-style restaurant “TAMAYA” (5-minute walk from Kita Urawa Station). It is a little nervous to go such an unfamiliar place^^;


Long-established and luxurious entrance. Like a film!


After going inside, this is it! Just mentioned, we hear that this place is often used for TV drama or movie.


This is the waiting room after the front door.


The corridor toward the wine-tasting venue


The venue is a hall where PIEROTH Japan people come to each table and explain with pouring its guest a glass of wine.


This is the wine list that we can sample.

シャトー・ラスコンブ フランソワ・ルイヴィトン

This is “Chateau LASCOMBES François-L Vuitton” whose price is about JPY 20,000. The reasonable line is from JPY3,000.

ビーベルンハイマー ローゼンベルク

This Biebelnheimer Rosenberg is my favorite. Strong sweetness, but not too sweet, fruity. Also, spicy aroma. It’s tasty!
The price is JPY7,222 which is not so cheap, but not beyond my purse^^


“Vin de Constance” South African wine is rare to get. With listening to the explanation, keep sampling wines^^


After sampling wines, Let’s eat.

Cuisine Part


Today’s menu “PIEROTH Japan Special course”


Sakizuke (appetizer) is Shira-ae of persimmon ( salad dressed with tofu、white sesame、and white miso). Light sweetness spreads into the mouth.


After finishing the dish, Otafuku smile appears. This Omotenashi means the message from the restaurant please enjoy today’s meal.


Owan (soup) is a soup with soy milk skin. Otukuri(Sashimi )is fresh slices of raw fish. Looks good. The taste is fantastic^^


The main cuisine is beautifully decorated. inspired by Autumn?


My favorite Shinjo-age (Deep-fried Minced-shrimp or fish).


Grilled Trout salmon in Yuan sauce. I’m not sure what “Yuan” means. Anyway, really delicious.


Roasted duck (canard viande). The red fruit is wild peach which I ate first time.


Pressed Sushi. I ate the great food with feeling guilty…


Sesame Tofu dressed with a thick starchy sauce of shark fin. What a treat!


Pomegranate fruit on persimmon sorbet
Sweetness is nice and happy.
The wonderful special course is finally the end!


■Japanese Restaurant TAMAYA
Location: 3-chome 24-7 Tokiwa, Urawa Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture
*5-minute walk from Kita Urawa Station

The top-tier wine distributor founded in 1969, PIEROTH JAPAN has shaped the Japanese wine market, providing innovative products and service.

That’s all for today’s Saitama Walk^^/

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