Today we recommend French「Brasserie Etoile Strella」for take out
It’s about 15 minutes walk from hotel.

※PLease check previous Introduction of Strella


Those are the menus for take out.
Strella provides French food and all other dishes at very reasonable price.


If you can call and order 1 hour prior to pick up time, you won’t have to wait when you come.
We ordered for take out and brought back to our hotel ^^

Let’s see what we have here!?


This is Pork ginger and rice.
780 yen for the Pork ginger and 100 yen for rice.

How is that price for a french restaurant?

It also have volume.

ハンバーグ 牛ラグーソース

「Hamburg with ragu a la bolognese sauce」with cut beef steak. 880 yen.

Very reasonable, don’t you think?


Finally and very recommended by our staff「Spaghetti Napoletano」\^0^/

It’s only「680 yen including tax」!

Many hotel staff have been to Brasserie Etoile Strella, and we all know it’s excellent^^
Please try take out!

「Brasserie Etoile Strella」Take out information

Name:Brasserie Etoile Strella
Location:2−7−7 Shintomi-cho, Kawagoe city

Take out order is from 10:00 am. Monday is holiday.
Please call 1 hour ahead so you won’t have to wait.
※Please note (No delivery)

Map to「Brasserie Etoile Strella」

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