A cafeteria on the basement of Kawagoe municipal office “New Fuji”

We went to Kawagoe municipal office to finish some errands done. And so we decided to have lunch at the same time there.There is a cafeteria on the basement of the municipal office, the name of it is “New Fuji”.Kawagoe municipal office is about 30 minutes on foot (10 minutes by car) from our hotel. If you take a bus from Kawagoe station, you can get there in about 10 minutes.

Kawagoe municipal office

Took elevator to the basement. The entrance looked like this.

A cafeteria on the basement of Kawagoe municipal office

Right at the entrance, there were many menus with some information on it.

A cafeteria on the basement of Kawagoe municipal office

It was around 13:00 so we thought it might be crowded, but it was pretty empty. Maybe it was off peak time.

A cafeteria on the basement of Kawagoe municipal office

Daily special 600yen. The main dish was boiled pork cutlets.

Daily special

Koedo set 500yen. Baked meat and vegetables on rice with salad and Japanese Soba noodle (or Japanese Udon noodle).

Koedo set

Koedo Kawagoe Ramen Shoyu 600yen.

Koedo Kawagoe Ramen Shoyu

Kind of nostalgic old styled simple taste ramen.

Koedo Kawagoe Ramen Shoyu

As the name was “Koedo Kawagoe Ramen”, looked for some ingreidents which was originally, or specially from Kawagoe, but couldn’t find anything.

Koedo Kawagoe Ramen Shoyu

The open hour is the same as the Kawagoe municipal office so they are closed on the weekend. If you go on sightseeing to museums on the weekdays why don’t you stop by.
* be carefule they only seve lunch

“New Fuji” a cafeteria on the basement of Kawagoe Municipal Office

*anyone can use
Name:New Fuji
Address:3-1-1 Motomachi Kawagoe-shi
Open:11:15~13:45 (do not serve dinner)
Open when Kawagoe municipal office is open. They are closed when the municipal office is closed.

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