“L’oiseau bleu” – French restaurant right next to Our hotel

“L’oiseau bleu” is a popular casual French restaurant located right next to Kawagoe Dai-Ichi Hotel.
The name of the restaurnat “L’oiseau bleu” means “Blue Bird” in French.

L'oiseau bleu - French restaurant

About 3 minutes walk from the East exit of Kawagoe station.

wine L'oiseau bleu - French restaurant

Toast with red wine, “Cheers!”
This time we had the course dinner 3,000/person. * exclusive of drinks

mix vegitable soup

mix vegitable soup

Japanese sea perch saute

Japanese sea perch saute

beef cheek meat boiled with red wine

beef cheek meat boiled with red wine


* ordered foie-gras in addition to the course


and the dessert
bread (all you can eat) and coffee or tea with dessert is included in the corse
Don’t you think it’s very reasonable for 3,000yen?

シェフ フレンチ ロワゾーブルー

Why don’t you try once if you are staying with us or live in Kawagoe.

L'oiseau bleu

French restaurant “L’oiseau blue”

Name: L’oiseau bleu
Tel: 049-223-5550
Address: Isehara Hachiban-kan 1F, 7-17 Sugawara-cho, Kawagoe-shi
Open hour: 11:30~13:30(L.O.) 18:00~20:30(L.O.)
Close: Wednesday


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