[Okinawa food in Kawagoe] Oishii Jikan

3F KJ Dai 2 Building,  6-31 Wakita Honmachi, Kawagoe-shiWe’d like to introduce an Okinawa food restaurant located at the west exit of Kawagoe station opposite side of the exit to Kawagoe Dai-Ichi hotel; “Oishii Jikan (Tasty time)”.

About two minutes walk from the west exit of Kawagoe station. There is a florist café “Kakara” on the first floor, an Italian restaurant “La Buono” on the second floor, and “Oishii Jikan” on the 3rd floor.

Oishii JikanPlease come up to the 3rd floor. There is an entrance to the restaurant.

Somehow there is no sign for “Oishii Jikan” on the building, so please be carefule not to miss….
On the ground floor at the entrance of the stairs there is a standing sign board but it’s easily pass by.

Pretty spacious inside the restaurant. You can relax and enjoy food even if you are by yourself or by the group.

Oishii Jikan Oishii Jikan

Here’s lunch menu. You can enjoy Okinawa food at reasonable price.

Lunch menu Lunch menu

Okinawa setThis is “Okinawa set” 1,200yen.
Goya champlu – fried vegetables.
Ji-ma-mi Tofu
Mozuku-su – seaweed
Small dish
Soki Soba noodle
Many dishes and lots of food. Became so full^ ^

This is “Champlu set” 800yen.
The volume of Goya chmplu fried vegetables is bigger than the one in “Okinawa set”.
Goya champlu fried vegetables was cooked with strong taste and went very well with rice so I ate up so quickly.

tempuraThis is deep fried “Mozuku seaweed Tempra”
Mozuku is usually cooked with vinegar. We’ve never had deep fried Mozuku Tempra.
Dipped in dashi soup or put on salt, very crispy and had good flavor and was very delicous.

As we were taking pictures, the staffs of the restaurant asked us to post the dinner menu as well. Please have a look at them. ※click to enlarge

Night menu Night menu Night menu Night menu

Clerk“Oishii Jikan” you can enjoy all Okinawa food, Sashimi (raw fish) for main, Mozuku, Umibudo, Ji-ma-mi Tofu and Goya champlu. Good for lunch and dinner !!
The restaurant is located at the west exit of Kawagoe station opposite side to our hotel but please try once.

Store data of “Oishii Jikan”

The name of the restaurant: Oishii Jikan
Address: 3F KJ Dai 2 Building, 6-31 Wakita Honmachi, Kawagoe-shi (1F – Florist Café “Karaku”)
Open: 11:30 ~ 14:30 (14:00 L.O.), 17:00 ~ 23:30 (22:30 L.O.)
Close: Monday

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