[Ichiban-gai] Took a rest at Satsumaimo Café

Satsumaimo Café

We walked around Ichiban-gai and got thirsty so we stopped by to get something cold…..”Satsumaimo Café”.
As you walked along Ichiban-gai, there is “Kurazukuri Honpo” next to Saitama Risona Bank. It seems that it’s a “shop” only but there is a nice café on the back.

Satsumaimo Café

This café is run by “Kurazukuri Honpo” next to Saitama Risona bank therefore the goods sold at Kurazukuri Honpo are displayed in the café. The most popular item is “Fukuzo”.

Satsumaimo Café

The style of the café is something like an old traditional Japanese houses, there are tables on the Tatami floored.

Satsumaimo Café

There are counter seats as well. This maybe a water wheel. Unknown if it’s still working…..

Matcha Set

Here it comes. This is what we ordered “Matcha Set”.

Kuranomachi Cider

This is “Kuranomachi Cider”, a soft pop and sweetness. It was easy to drink and felt so good for thirsty throat..

Satsumaimo Café

“Kuranomachi Cider” tasted so good!

Toki-no Kane

Took a photo of “Toki-no Kane” and went back to our hotel.

Data of Satsumaimo Café

Name: Satsumaimo Café
Address: 2-2-16 Saiwai-cho Kawagoe-shi
Open: 10:00~17:00(LO)

Directions from Kawagoe Daiichi Hotel to Satsumaimo Café

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