[Shanghai Shika] Chinse restaurant one minute from our hotel ~ Sugawara-cho, Kawagoe-shi

A chinese restaurnat “Shanghai Shika” is a minute from our hotel and a landmark we use for our hotel guests who come from Kawagoe station.

Shanghai Shika

It looks like this if you come from Kawagoe station. As it’s outstanding it becomes a good landmark.

Shanghai Shika

If you go out from our hotel and look at the direction of the station, it looks like this.
(Shanghai Shuka on the left and Tobu Store Mine right in front)

Shanghai Shika

Pretty spacious inside. Sometimes children of the owner are running around in the restaurant and the atmosphere is very casual and free.

menu menu menu menu

The menu. Lunch is very reasonable. Ordinary menu, a great variety of dishes! ※click to enlarge

Ramen with roasted pork fillet and fried rice with shrimps

Lunch #11 “Ramen with roasted pork fillet and fried rice with shrimps” comes with a dessert “almond jelly” and “Zasai” pickles for 880yen. It’s really reasonable!

Hiyashi Chyuka (cold ramen)

Hiyashi Chyuka (cold ramen). Lots of jellyfish on top. It is delicious in the hot summer season!

Shanghai Shika

They serve many kinds of alcohol drinks too. They (Chinese person) told us that many of our hotel guests come to the restaurant.


Thye say they are open till 2:00am but they often close around 0:00.
…well, they are not so strict. That’s Shanghai style…

From Kawagoe Dai-Ichi Hotel to Shanghai Shuka

Name: Shanghai Shuka
Address: 19-1 Sugawara-cho, Kawagoe-shi
Open: Lunch 11:00~15:00 Dinner 17:00~2:00am (they normally close at around 0:00)
Close: No holiday

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