[Gaiyuki Get] bumped into a local heroine

We’ve visitied Ramen noodle shop “Kohiya” which is located a little further down passing Renkeiji from Kawagoe station.


Kawagoe Shoyu Ramen & Mini rice bowl topped with braised pork.
It is difficult to find Ramen using Aotake Teuchi noodle like Sano Ramen around Kawagoe.

Shio Ramen

This is “Shio Ramen”. So delicious. We’ve enjoyed a lot!
Kohiya : 9-1 Renjyaku-cho, Kawagoe-shi

Koedo Kawagoeya

Since we came out to have Ramen, let us introduce “Koedo Kawagoeya” we passed the other day.

Koedo Kawagoeya

The shop is filled up with old toys, books, records and antique ornaments.

Koedo Kawagoeya

There are many posters of Beatles especially Paul McCartney’s in the shop. Maybe the shop owner’s favorite^^

Koedo Kawagoeya

There are many books and pictures of the stars of Showa-era.
Thank you very much for let us take the photos pleasantly.

And then we’ve bumped into a local heroine on the way back!

Erena Yamagiwa

“Erena Yamagiwa” and “Kojiro the Kappa” were there. They were shooting at around 10 meters away from “Koedo Kawagoe-ya”.
“Erena Yamagiwa” played a role Rumina Kojyou in “Gaiyuki Get” on Tokyo MX2.

Erena Yamagiwa

And a shot with our deputy manager who was interviewed by the TV show TBS “Vivid” and made speech at the English Contest.
Erena Yamagiwa-san and Junk soldier-san, thank you very much for let us take the photos in the middle of shooting.

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