【ITUSKI-YA】Rickshaw for seeing around Kawagoe streetscapes

According to avoid a new coronavirus spread, most people tend to stay home with putting a voluntary ban of non-essential going out.

During the hard times, we would like you to enjoy the virtual Kawagoe tour by rickshaw.
Let us introduce previous photos collaborated with Jinrikisha ‘ITSUKI-YA’.


Nice to meet you, ITSUKI-YA san^^

Ichibangai Street

Our hotel, Front staff T-san.
For his request, his face is covered with airbrushing^^;

Ichibangai Street

Now, let’s start! ^^

Toki no kane

In front of the Kawagoe Symbol ‘Toki-no-Kane (Time Bell Tower)’.

Kita-in Temple

This is in front of ‘Tahou Tower’ of Kitain temple.


Honmaru-Goten (The only remaining building of Kawagoe Castle built 160 years ago in 1848.)

Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine

In front of Otorii at Hikawa-Jinja.


About 1-hour ride on rickshaw for looking around Kawagoe.
Hope a new coronavirus is put on an end to this confusion and come back the energetic Kawagoe soon…

Kawagoe Jinrikisha ITSUKI-YA

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