[The first part] Kawagoe walking ~ Renkeiji temple to Kawagoe station

Renkeiji templeWe’d like to introduce a little walking excursion of Kawagoe; take a bus from the east exit of Kawagoe station and get off at “Renkeiji Mae” and walking back to Kawagoe Dai-ichi hotel which takes
about two hours.

It had been rainy for the past few days but the day was no rain and not humid nor hot nor cold and was just an ideal day for a walk.

Took a bus from the east exit of Kawagoe station and arrived at “Renkeiji Mae”. From the station it was about 5 minutes ride. Well, actually we came to “Renkeiji Mae” for a reason….

Underground RamenThe reason is here!

A Ramen noodle shop called “Underground Ramen”. We saw it on twitter or other SNS media and wanted to try once badly.
A Ramen noodle which soup was made using Matsumoto Soy Sauce of Kawagoe.
When we passed by the restaurant the other day, there was a too long line and we gavie up.
Maybe because the time was after the peak time for lunch time there wasn’t a line and could go in right away this time.

Tokusei Chu-ka SobaWe ordered “Tokusei Chu-ka Soba” 1,030yen.

Gorgeous Ramen with two kinds of Charshu (roasted pork fillet), flavored boiled egg and a big wonton.

Let’s eat ~

Tokusei Chu-ka SobaThe texture of noodle is pretty unique, very chewy and firm.
The soup using Matsumoto Soy Sauce has strong flavor of Soy Sauce but not just simple taste of Soy Sauce but strong and deep flavor.
It was the best Soy Sauce flavored ramen I’ve recently had.

Name of the restaurant: Underground Ramen
Address: 10-13 Nakamachi Kawagoe-shi

Shina Soba Ichi no AjiSo full with the Underground Ramen. Let’s walk around the area.
We came across a painted all in black Ramen shop “Shina Soba Ichi no Aji”
We’ve never tried but we knew it was there and had interest in it…
Not only the appearnace of the shop, but the POP on the wall is catchy.

Shina Soba Ichi no Aji“Koumon Soba” which Mito Koumon (a famous retired Shogun who said to be the first person who ate Ramen in Japan in Edo era) had.
Don’t know if it actually was eaten by Mito Mitsukuni-kou but wondered what kind of Soba it was? Am really interested in it.

Shina Soba Ichi no AjiAnd not surprisingly…there are words of advertising.
“So popular among internet and smart phone media!”
Will try the next time for sure.
We checked the proper name of the restaurant. It is “Chuka Soba-ya san”.
And sometimes it is described as “Komon Soba”.
On the curtain of the restaurant’s entrance, it says “Ichino Aji” nnnnnn wondering which is the “true” name…big wonder…
Address of the restaurant: 3-1 Nakamachi Kawagoe-shi

carry on to [The latter part] …

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