[The latter part] Kawagoe walking ~ Renkeiji temple to Kawagoe station

Taisho Roman Yume DoriKawagoe walking: Take a bus from the east exit of Kawagoe station and get off at “Renkeiji Mae” and walk back to Kawagoe Dai-ichi hotel which takes about two hours.

In the first part, we started from “Renkeiji” and “Underground Ramen”, then “Komon Soba”.
This time in the latter part we walk through “Kurazukuri no machi nami” and take a side street “Taisho Roman Yume Dori”

We strolled about through “Taisho Roman Yume Dori” came across a nostalgic ancient select shop “Sakurai Sho-ten”.
They sell toys in the old days and Japanese Senbei snacks etc. We found Garamon & Kanegon there ^ ^.

Sakurai Shoten Sakurai Shoten Sakurai Shoten

According to their homepage, they sell varieties of “Kawagoe” related goods such as “Toki-no-kane Oyaji” and “Unajyu Oyaji” etc!

Name of the shop: Sakurai Shoten
Address: 6-12 Renjyaku-cho Kawagoe-shi

Koedo KurariWalked through Taisho Roman Yume Dori and kept going towards Kawagoe staion, there was “Koedo Kurari”.
Took a rest here sitting down on the bench.
“Koedo Kurari” is a famouns tourits’ spot in Kawagoe, you can eat and get souveniour. In “Showa-gura” you can enjoy many kinds of Sake of Saitama tasting.

Name of the spot: Koedo Kurari
Address: 1-10-1 Shin Tomi-cho Kawagoe-shi
TEL: 049-228-0855

てんこもりラーメンIn front of Koedo Kurari, there is a very unique sign board “Tenko-mori (in heaps) Ramen”
As the name of the shop “normal” size of Soi Sauce flavored Ramen they serve double portions of Ramen noodle.
Not sure if they are still doing the campaign but they used to do an event that you can earn 30,000yen if you can eat up 24 portions of ramen.

Name of the shop: Tenko-mori Ramen
Address: 1-3-9 Shintomi-cho Kawagoe-shi

the Crea Mall shopping arcadeIf you go further down towards Kawagoe station, you will get to the Crea Mall shopping arcade.

It was a cloudy day but the place was packed with lots of people.

Tonkatsu SakamotoAs the Crea Mall was so crowded, we went round to the back street of Maruhiro Hyakkaten.
This is a building of “Tokiwa” where used to be a Soba noodle shop. “Tonkatsu Sakamoto (deep fried pork cutlet)” is opening on 7/10.

Name of the restaurant: Tonkatsu Sakamoto
Address: 17-1 Minamitori-machi Kawagoe-shi

very closer to Kawagoe stationWe went straight and came very closer to Kawagoe station.
The crossing where Capsule inn Kawagoe and just opened “Gindako Kawagoe” is located.
It takes about 3 minutes from here to Kawagoe Dai-Ichi Hotel.
If you go down the street there is a Chinese restaurant “Shang-hai Shyuke”. Take left at the crossing you will find Kawagoe Dai-Ichi hotel on your right.

Kawagoe Dai-Ichi HotelWe’ve been surrounded by many residential buildings ^ ^; we are open 24hours for 365 days.
This time’s Kawagoe walking: Took a bus from Kawagoe station at around 12:30 got off at Renkeiji-mae and had ramen at undergound ramen. And strolled back to our hotel taking two hours.
We are going to introduce another walking tour of Kawagoe some other time. Thank you for reading through.

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