[The first day]Kawagoe Hyakuman-tou Summer Festival [July 27, 2019]

Let me introduce a traditional Summer Festival in Kawagoe “Hyakuman-tou (Millions of Lanterns) Festival”It was held for 2 days from July 27(Sat) to July 28(Sun) this year.Luckily forecasted typhoon took a different route and the weather was sunny. The festival was successful crowded with many visitors.This is about the visit on the first day July 27.

Kawagoe Hyakuman-tou Summer Festival

Dance performance called “Oh! Toryanse Kawagoe” in front of Hon-Kawagoe station.
Many groups of dancers performed their team dances with the big volume of musics!

Sumiyoshi Hayashi-ren

Around Matsue-cho crossing, Japanse drums were played by Sumiyoshi Hayashi-ren.

Kawagoe Hyakuman-tou Summer Festival

The place was packed with people and was even difficult to move forward.

Taisho Roman Yume-dori

Taisho Roman Yume-dori was also packed with the visitors. The name of the festival Kawagoe “Hyakuman-tou” represents millions of “Lanterns” like these in the picture.

Kumano Jinjya

Kumano Jinjya. There is a path called “Ashi Fumi Kenkou Road”. The path is covered with many protrusions of little stones and they stimulate your blood circulation if you walk on it with barefeet.
Even if you are proud of your strong “Ashi-tsubo”(stimulation points on back of your feet), I bet you would scream. Please try once.

Sousaku Udon Kuraudo

Let’s take a break and have a dinner at “Sousaku Udon Kuraudo” as we walked a lot,

Genovese Udon

“Genovese Udon” and “Curry Carbonara Udon”. They were delicious!

Neme of the restaurant: Specialized in Sousaku Udon Kuraudo
Address: 16-4 Renjyaku-cho, Kawagoe-shi
Tel: 049-215-1781
Open: weekday 11:00~15:00(L.O.14:30) Saturday, Sunday 11:00~16:00(L.O. 15:30)
No holiday (there is some non-fixed holidays)


Let’s go towards Renkei-ji passing in front of Tsurukawa-za which was under demolition work.

Yomise(night stalls) in front of Renkei-ji

There were many Yomise(night stalls) in front of Renkei-ji entrance and was crowded with many people even late at night.


The “good luck for meeting someone” sillhauette in Renkei-ji premises.
If you put together the pictures of 4 sillhauettes which were scattered around in Kurazukuri-no Machi-nami, something good would be heppening…
The detail was in the homepage of the Kawagoe city office.

pictures of Ichiban-gai at night

Went towards Ichiban-gai from Renkei-ji. Many people were taking pictures of Ichiban-gai at night from their favorites angles.
I’m sure they’ve got many nice pictures for their instagrams.

pictures of Ichiban-gai at night

It was around 8:30pm and there were still many people walking around.

Sesami Kitchen

It started raining a bit so we took a coffee break at Sesami Kitchen (on the 2nd floor of Million Electronics).

Nakamachi Crossing

Nakacho Crossing. There was a nostalgic old sign board “Shyugetsu Moriya”.

Taisho Roman Yume-dori

And Taisho Roman Yume-dori again to go back.

Taisho Roman Yume-dori

Taisho Roman Yume-dori. Don’t you think it was like a scenary of a set for shooting movies?


July 27, 2019 (Sat) a report on the first day of the Kawagoe Hyakuman-tou Matsuri

=> following to July 28 (Sun) Kawagoe Hyakuman-tou Festival (the last day)

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