Kawagoe Walk by our hotel staff S

Let us introduce Kawagoe Walk from Kurazukuri Zone(Old storehouse zone) to Kita-in and Hie Shrine by our hotel staff S san (Not living in Kawagoe City).

The streetscape

The streetscape is still not crowded from the effect of the novel corona virus.
Anyway, let’s start from Hon Kawagoe station.

The streetscape

This is the information board on the side of intersection at Hon Kawagoe station.

The streetscape

The board explains Kurazukuri Zone(Old storehouse zone), Toki no kane (Time Bell Tower) and others in both Japanese and English.

Kumano shrine

Let’s start from Hon Kawagoe station to Kurazukuri Zone.
This is Kumano shrine. You can try “Health Stepping Road” to check your health.
If you drop by, please challenge it. Unfortunately, only looking from in front of the shrine was available due to construction work.


After walking to side street for Matue machi intersection, Eel ‘Ichinoya’ is there.
We recommend this eel restaurant, every time our guest asks us where a good eel restrant is^^At the moment, ‘Ichinoya’ has temporarily closed by the novel corona virus effects.
*20-minute walk from our hotel.


Nariasan Kawagoe Betsuin Temple is next to Kita-in.

Obinzuru sama

‘Obinzuru sama’ in Narita san Betsu in was impressive.

Kita- in

Visitors for Kita- in was only 4-5 people and all shops were closed due to the novel corona virus.

Taisho-Roman Street

Taisho-Roman Street. Only one shop was opened…
In the sky, many koi nobori were swimming beautifully.

Kura zukuri

Kura zukuri is also empty like the above.

Kura zukuri

In front of Toho Yamawa. This tells us how many people keep staying home.

Kura zukuri

Toho Yamawa seemed to be partially opened. But 90% shops announced that we are closed for a while.

Saitama Resona Bank

Saitama Resona Bank, Kawagoe Brunch. Staff S felt nostalgia by remembering S’s local bank ‘Iwate Bank’.

Toki no kane

Kawagoe’s symbol, Toki no kane (Bell Tower). It is first time to see the tower for S. S felt bigger than imagined.

Kasiya Yoko cyo

Kasiya Yoko cyo.

Kasiya Yoko cyo

Only one shop was opened at the entrance of Kashiya yoko cyo.

Kawagoe Hikawa Temple

Kawagoe Hikawa Temple. Hikawa Kaikan was closed.
*About 30-minute walk from our hotel.


Without the novel corona virus pandemic, Funawatashi is held there. But it is canceled. Neither Spring Festival is.

Kawagoe City Museum

Kawagoe City Museum and have been temporally closed until the end of May to prevent the pandemic of novel corona virus.

Honmaru Goten

Kawagoe castle Honmaru Goten. Only 2 people came for praying.

Kawagoe Hachiman gu

Finally, backing to Kawagoe Hachiman gu.
About 6-hour walk, checking several sightseeing spots made S’s foots be soared.
Thank you and take care the soared foots!

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