[Tantoku Teien] Karesansui Garden 4 minutes walk from Kawagoe-shi station~ Rokken-machi, Kawagoe-shi

Tantoku Teien is a “Karesansui (a style of Japanese garden)” garden located 4 minutes walk from Kawagoe-shi station which is about 200tsubo (about 650sq.m.)
In Tantoku Teien a “Karesansui” garden and a hut built by the owner of a lamber dealer Tokujiro Suzuki who established “Tantoku” in Rokken-machi, Kawagoe-shi in Meiji 2 (1869) are open in public.
We attended a mini concert of Chie Ito a soprano singer under exclusive contract with Kawagoe Dai-Ichi hotel held at this garden.

Kawagoe-shi station

“Kawagoe-shi” station is the next stop from “Kawagoe” on outbound train. ※ be careful “Kawagoe-shi” station is different from “Kawagoe” station.

Come out of Kawagoe-shi station

Come out of Kawagoe-shi station go straight looking at the parking area for bicycles on your right, you will come to “Tantoku Teien” on your right.

entrance of Tantoku Teien

This is the entrance of “Tantoku Teien”. A 200tsubo of Karesansui Garden and a hut are open in public which was built by the first Tokujiro Suzuki who established a lamber shop “Tantoku” in Rokken-machi, Kawagoe-shi in Meiji 2 (1869).

Tantoku Teien

Mixture of a variety of tint of greens made you feel relieved and reluxed.

Tantoku Teien

This supposed to be a shape of a treasure ship. The back of the ship looks sinking because of the heavy treasures.


A decoration object for Japanese gardens called “Suikinkutsu”. This is set to enjoy the sound of water dropping from the bamboo on the above into the hollow of the stone below.

The hut in Tantoku Teien

The hut in Tantoku Teien was buil in Meiji 34 (1901). A mini concert of Chie Ito was held here.

Tantoku Teien

You can enjoy smell of trees and leaves and the Japanese atmosphere sitting quietly here.
There are Jyutoku Myojin and many other spots to see in this garden.
Not even watching gardens you can have lunch (need prior reservations), experience tea ceremonies and can even stay overnight (…^^;). If you are interested, please look at the

Data of Tantoku Teien

Name: Tantoku Teien
Address: 〒350-0041 1-8-2 Rokken-machi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken
Open: 10:00 ~ 15:00 (14:30 the last entry)
Close: Tuesday (open on national holidays/close the next day for substitution)

From Kawagoe Dai-Ichi hotel to Tantoku Teien

Take Tobu Tojyo line from “Kawagoe” station and get off at “Kawagoe-shi” station => 4 minutes walk from the station

This is the walking route from our hotel to the garden which takes about 20 minutes.

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